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  1. API Standard 53 – Blowout Prevention Equipment Systems for Drilling Wells: The purpose of this standard is to provide requirements on the installation and testing of blowout prevention equipment systems on land and marine drilling rigs (barge, platform, bottom-supported, and floating).  Diverters, shut-in devices, and rotating head systems (rotating control devices) are not addressed in this standard (see API 64 and API 16RCD, respectively); their primary purpose is to safely divert or direct flow rather than to confine fluids to the wellbore. The standard contains a section pertaining to surface BOP installations followed by a section on subsea BOP installations.  Recommended equipment arrangements as set forth in this publication are adequate to meet specified well conditions. It is recognized that other arrangements can be equally effective in addressing well requirements and achieving safety and operational efficiency.
  2. Oil & Gas UK Well Life Cycle Practices forum (WLCPF): Published Guidelines on Subsea BOP Systems (2013), relevant to all wells and well operations that use subsea BOPs in the UKCS. They include testing and maintenance systems for the equipment so that it is fit for purpose and can carry out the required functions when needed.
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