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Scenario-Based Well Control Training

Definition: A group or team well control training that blends human factors and technical training through a series of lectures, exercises and well control scenarios that have the team or group interact to resolve well control issues, often achieved through the use of simulators. Feedback is given to each participant to further their human factor development and technical aspects of well control performance.

Scenario-based well control training includes:

  • Team or group-learning environment
  • Human factors and technical skill training and coaching
  • Well control scenarios that involve all participants, whether desktop or simulator-driven

Personnel Credentialing

Definition: Standardizing the terms on which personnel who are engaged with direct or indirect aspects of well control performance are considered competent to perform the well control-related tasks required of their position, and defining the process to credential personnel to those terms.

Personnel credentialing includes or requires:

  • Defining personnel engaged with direct or indirect aspects of well control
  • Defining the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) required of personnel.
  • Defining the terms of assessment of the KSAs for each position.
  • Creating the means of credentialing individuals who successfully complete the requirements of the credential.
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