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High Reliability Systems


Barrier Management

Definition: The ongoing process of assuring that sufficient barriers are in place to prevent the unintentional release of hydrocarbons.

Barrier management includes:

  • The definition of a barrier to the unintentional release of hydrocarbons.
  • Determining the strength or effectiveness of a barrier
  • Systems to determine and ensure that the appropriate number and type of barriers are in place at each stage of the well control lifecycle
  • Tracking the engagement, effectiveness and integrity of barriers in place during the well lifecycle
  • Determining personnel roles and responsibilities for barrier management at the wellsite

Process Safety Culture

Definition: Building a systemic culture of understanding process safety to promote the reduction and ultimate elimination of unplanned events.

Process safety culture includes:

  • Defining process safety culture as it relates to the drilling industry
  • Determining the elements that constitute a process safety culture
  • Embedding process safety culture elements into training, policies, procedures and leadership
  • Tracking process safety events and incorporating lessons learned from them
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