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Personnel Credentialing



  1. IADC WellSharp: WellCAP was revamped and revitalized by the WellCAP Advisory Panel, the IADC Well Control Committee, and other industry workgroups, to result in the WellSharp Using quality benchmarks and criteria developed together with operators, drilling contractors, professional trainers, and well control specialists, WellSharp helps to ensure that well control training schools adhere to a core curriculum developed by industry.
  2. IADC KSA (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities) project: KSA competencies list the recommended capabilities that rig-based personnel must possess to safely and consistently fulfill their job roles. These competencies provide a means by which workers can accurately and definitively demonstrate their capabilities. IADC’s KSA competencies are available at no charge via the KSA database. Users can filter competencies on various criteria and generate a unique set of KSAs for each type of position on the rig.
  3. Oil & Gas UK Well Life Cycle Practices Forum (WLCPF): Published Guidelines for Competency of Wells Personnel help employers and other duty holders to assure the competency of personnel involved in well operations. Example competency profiles are given. How to set up and implement a competency management system (CMS) is explained with advice on assurance techniques.
  4. STCA charter and plan: The Subsea Technician Competence Assurance (STCA) Task Group is an independent group of operators, contractors, equipment manufacturers, and service companies convened to design and develop a Subsea BOP Maintenance technician credentialing program.  The initial program will include Subsea Technicians and ETs and is being designed to addresses task competency definition, knowledge and skill task competency assessment, and the terms of credentialing an individual for his or her position.  The task group has broken up into 3 main subgroups knowledge assessment, implementation, and finance.  At the completion of development IADC will implement and manage the resulting credentialing program.
  5. IOGP 476 – Recommendations for Enhancement to Well Control Training, Examination and Certification: A product of the Human Factors Task Force of the IOGP Well Experts Committee, this document was designed to drive improvements to well control technical training accredited by IADC and IWCF; this includes two additional levels of courses (awareness and drilling engineering) not previously part of traditional well control training. The document is currently being updated and is expected to be published later this year.
  6. ISO 17969 – Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries — Guidelines on competency for personnel. This ISO standard contains recommendations for developing Competency Management Systems (CMS) for the oil & gas industry. Still under initial development, it recently passed its second ballot. Eventual timing of publication is not known.


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