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Process Safety Culture



  1. IADC ORM Task Group: IADC’s Operational Risk Management (ORM) Task Group is working on a position paper describing Operational Risk Management for Drilling (IADC’s preferred term for Process Safety).  The draft will be distributed to IADC’s HSE Case Users Group for comment at the appropriate time.
  2. OGP 452 Shaping Safety Culture through Safety Leadership: This document isn’t about process safety culture, per se, but has excellent information on safety culture and safety leadership generally which could be applied to process safety culture. The document defines safety culture elements as an informed, reporting, learning, flexible and a just culture. Safety leadership elements are defined as credibility, action orientation, vision, accountability, communication, collaboration, feedback, and recognition.
  3. Energy Institute (EI) – High-level Framework for Process Safety Management: The intention of this document is to provide a common understanding of the requirements for process safety management at all levels in the organization, from senior management through to operational staff. The document defines and details four focal areas for process safety management: Process safety leadership, risk identification and assessment, risk management and review and improvement. EI has also produced a guidance document to assist organizations in working with the high-level framework, and a process safety survey to assist company executives to determine how well significant risks with their organizations are being identified and managed.
  4. PSA Deepwater Horizon Final Report: Section 9 of this report discusses what is needed to achieve and maintain a process safety culture, and what steps PSA and its leaseholders are taking to improve process safety culture performance.
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