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Procedural Discipline

Definition: Ensuring that personnel consistently adhere to defined well control procedures that are clear, correct and easily understandable. Ensure that personnel think before acting, and if a better way is identified, it is reviewed, vetted and approved by the author of the original procedure before a change is made. Finally, ensure that procedural discipline can be measured, recorded and reported.

Procedural discipline requires:

  • A defined set of well control procedures that are agreed to by all stakeholders, including bridging documents between drilling contractors, operators and service providers that address well control procedures
  • Training of personnel on those procedures, and periodic reinforcement of that training
  • Worksite availability of procedures via printed or electronic means
  • Management awareness and correction of personnel when they deviate from procedures
  • Management investigation and correction of the source of procedural deviations
  • Management of Change process for procedures, including updating printed or electronic procedures

Communications at the Wellsite

Definition: Promoting clear lines of communication, roles, decision authority, and responsibility regarding policies and procedures in a well control context at the wellsite. Communications at the wellsite includes:

  • Defined stakeholder personnel at the wellsite: drilling contractors, operators, and vendors
  • Defined and mutually agreed well control policies and procedures at the wellsite
  • Defined and mutually agreed well control roles, responsibilities and decision authority among stakeholder personnel at the wellsite
  • System to ensure communication of the above reaches wellsite stakeholder personnel with defined roles, responsibilities and decision authority.
  • System to ensure role and responsibilities are carried out during a well control event
  • Follow-up reviews to determine and implement lessons learned in communication from the well control event.
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