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Scenario-Based Well Control Training



  1. IOGP 501, 502 and 503: IOGP’s Wells Expert Committee has developed a number of resources designed to promote non-technical skills for drilling and intervention operations, known as Well Operations Crew Resource Management (WOCRM). Specifically, these are IOGP 501, Crew Resource Management for Well Operations Teams; IOGP 502, Guidelines for implementing Well Operations Crew Resource Management training; and IOGP 503, Behavioural Markers for Assessing Well Operations Crew Resource Management skills. These documents are designed to introduce well operations crews to WOCRM skills in stand-alone courses that may or not include simulation. It is hoped that over time these skills can be routinely practiced and assessed in ongoing technical well control training and refreshers.
  2. IADC WellCAP Plus: IADC’s WellCAP Plus course can serve as an alternative to renewing Supervisor well control training for experienced personnel. WellCAP Plus is a team-based training course, focused on team problem solving of well control problems presented in progressively more difficult scenarios. It utilizes facilitation rather than instruction, and provides coaching rather than a formal exam.
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